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LD25 Executive Committee


Joe Marvin


Mary Park_edited.png

Mary Park



Chet Hetrick

First Vice Chair


Susan Cheatham



Dana Shaw

Second Vice Chair


Precinct Committeeman/woman

What is a PC

A Precinct Committeeman or PC, is the foundation of the Republican Party. Every other position in the Party is selected by the PCs. It’s a position of authority that when held, elevates your voice in the political systems. The basic role of the PC is to aid the Party in the registration of voters and getting the vote out. But as the decision maker of the party, you decide what the role can become.

Why become a PC

Being a Precinct Committeeman means being the most direct contact point for fellow Republicans in your immediate neighborhood. A PC is the key person for information accumulation and dissemination within the Precinct. PCs have a great deal of influence on the activities of our party. For example, only PCs are allowed to participate in the election of our county and state Republican party leaders. Precinct Committeemen are in timately involved in the operation of the party at the county and state level. Numerous opportunities exist to meet party leaders, elected officials, and candidates.

For more information, please check out our resource page and or contact one of our Executive Board members.

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